Quick Start Guide


Thank you for joining us at TimelyVisit. Our number one priority is your success. We feel we have built the best one-page web building and online scheduling tool available for service professionals. We want you to book more appointments, reduce no-shows, and grow your business.
With this guide you will be up and running quickly. If you run into any issues setting up your account, please contact us at support@timeleyvisit.com.


If you don’t already have your TimelyVisit account, please sign up today free at timelyvisit.com.
Once you have confirmed your account, it is time to log in and adjust some basic settings. Here are the steps that we suggest you take.

General Settings

The user that created the account has administration rights and can change the settings.
Log into your TimelyVisit account. Click on Settings in the upper right. Then click on General Business Info. On this page you can modify some very important settings such as:
Business Email: This is the email that will be used on the contact us page. Please make sure this is going to someone who is most likely to respond in a timely manner.
Time Zone: Make sure that your time zone is set correctly. Your calendars and all of your reminders are sent based on this setting. If it is incorrect, you could have some confused clients.
Phone Number: This is the primary phone number for your business. It will appear prominently on your website.

General Business Hours

Click on Settings, then General Business Hours.
These are the hours that you are open for business. Visitors to your site will not be allowed to book appointments outside of these hours. However, we know that there are always exceptions. Staff members can book appointments that take place outside of normal business hours.
Business hours are set at half hour increments. You have the flexibility to be open at 7:30 am on Tuesday, 9:00 am on Thursday and completely closed on Friday.
If you click on a box that says Open, it will turn blank meaning that you are closed. Click on a blank box and it will change to open. Changes are saved automatically from this page. You get to take back control of your hours.

Adding Staff Members

Now it is time to add the rest of your team. Again, it is the user that created the account who has the administration rights to add staff members. This applies to Standard Plan customers only.
Click Add New Staff Member.
From here you should add as much detail as possible. All of this information is available on the website. Make sure to upload a picture if available. Some clients remember faces better than names. The description is also important. Many of our customers include brief bio’s as well as that provider’s specialties.
You might see some services listed to right if you already added some. Check the services that this staff member provides. That way their clients can book those services.
Staff members do have the ability to set different business hours than the ones set for the business. If they are unavailable at certain times, or maybe they work later on a Wednesday. Each staff member has the ability to change their available hours in their own portal.
Staff members will only show up on the website if they have services assigned to them. So let’s add some services.

Adding Services

Now it is time to add your primary menu of service offerings. Click on Services on the top menu bar. Then click Add New Service.
Enter a service name such as 30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage. Then you can add a more detailed description if you want to let the client know what they should expect.
If this is not service that is able to be booked online, you can hide it from the web site. It might be a custom service that is only offered to select clientele.
The duration is required because it will block that off on the staff member’s calendar so they do not double book appointments.
On the right you can select which staff members offer this particular service. Only staff members selected will be available for online booking.


At TimelyVisit we want to help you reduce missed appointments. That is why we put together a comprehensive portfolio of notifications. The goal is to gently remind clients and staff without being intrusive.
Click on Settings and then Notifications.
Here you can see the list of notifications that are available. By default only the email messages are active. You have the option to activate SMS text messaging if you would like.
You have the ability to customize the messages. For example in the Email to Client – appointment confirmation the subject of the email says, “Appointment Confirmation”. You could change that to say something more personal such as, “Appointment Set with ProSport Physical Therapy”
The information within the {{ brackets }} pulls data from the system such as the client’s name. When you are first getting started with TimelyVisit, we recommend utilizing the defaults as much as possible. Then you can change them based on feedback.
You can also change when the reminders are sent. Maybe you would like to send the reminder to the client 24 hours in advance of their appointment. This is completely based on your business. We want to help you minimize cancelations and maximize appointments.


Now you’re ready to customize your website. Click on My Site. The first thing you will notice is a real time version of what your website looks like. On the left side are some of your settings.


Click on Change button next to Themes. Here you can select a look for your website that matches your company. After you select a theme you can then change the background images on the right. There are images that align with that theme. Some themes include blurred backgrounds. Or you can upload your own pictures.
There are different background images for each section of the website. Scroll through the website and you will see the images change. You can leave the default images or change them.


Under Themes, you will see Settings. Click Modify. Here you can upload your logo, change your domain, modify how search engines find your website, add links to your social media accounts, input a Google Analytics ID, and modify some of the standard terms used on the site. We will go into each.


As a default your business name is written out in text in the upper left of your site. You can upload your company logo as an image file. Make sure you press save once the image is uploaded.

URL/Custom Domain

Here you have the option to change the web address for your site. Use something that lets your customer’s know they are in the right spot. As an example: SuaveSalon.timelyvisit.com. You may change this at any time.
There is also the option to use a custom domain. This is where you use your custom domain and point it to your TimelyVisit site.
As with all site settings, press save once you have made your changes.

Description/SEO Tags

Most users find the website they are looking for from a search engine like Google. You will want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to locate you. This is the place for that.
The Page Title is the portion that is displayed in the tab above the address bar in your browser. It is also what shows up in search engines under the link to your website. We recommend using your business name and location. As an example, Pro Dental – Scottsdale, Arizona’s Premier Family Dental Group.
The Site Description is also used by search engines to find you. You might want to include some of the specific services that you offer or what you specialize in.

Social Media

Everyone is on social media these days. So it is a good idea to add your social media links to your website. When you add your accounts in this section, they will show up on the Contact Us portion of your website. Make it easy for your customers to find you and like you on their favorite social media platform.

Google Analytics

Want to know who is visiting your site? With Google Analytics, you can do just that. You can see how many people are visiting each day, where they are from, and how long they stayed on your site.
Go to www.google.com/analytics and you can create a FREE account. Once you create that account, Google will provide you with a Tracking ID. That ID gets entered in this section.
Google makes it easy to learn everything you would like to know about Analytics. In the Resources section of their site they have a YouTube channel with everything a beginner needs to know.


There are some terms that used throughout the site. Because TimelyVisit has customers all over the world, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to customize it to their region.
While the default settings work for the majority of our customers, there are some areas that you might want to customize. For example if you wanted to change “Select a staff member” to “Select a hair stylist”, you could do that here.


Your custom website is broken down into sections; Welcome, Services, Staff, Contact Us, and Book Now. You can view each section by scrolling down the website or clicking the tabs.
By default each section is activated. You can deactivate them by unchecking the box next to it. Maybe you are not ready to include the Staff section. That is fine, you can always reactive it later.
The order of the sections can also be moved around. Simply drag and drop using the three lines next to the section. The order is then updated in real time on the site and the menu, instantly modifying the site.
If you would like to change the name of a section, you can do that. Maybe you would like to change “Staff” to “Therapists”. Simply click on the title of the section on the left and change the text.
Finally, you can add a new section. Maybe you want to include an About Us portion to the end of the site. Click Add New. Click on the title to change it to About Us and then activate it. You will now see it show up on the menu bar on the top right.
We will talk about modifying the text next.


In each section there is some text that can be customized. On the Welcome page, click on the word WELCOME. Here you can change what your customers will see. Maybe you want to change it to “WELCOME, WE ARE SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE!” You can go ahead and do that.
Whenever you change or add text, make sure that you click the Save button on the right.
Next click on the text below that. You can enter whatever you would like. Maybe it is your tagline. Or a longer description of who you are. This area is very flexible.
Scroll down to the other sections. You could change Services to say “MENU OF OUR SERVICES”. There is also a blank text box right below that if you wanted to add more detail. Just slide your cursor down below the word Services until you see the red box, then click. Continue through the rest of site and make it truly represent your personality and your business!